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The 3 Peaks Team

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Lingfield Marathon, it has been to Scotland, Lake District and Wales for a 3 Peaks Challenge raising £1,000’s for charity, Friday morning shopping trips for older ladies and assisting Hever Primary School to get their kids to swimming as their mini bus is out of action.


Some members of the Old Surrey and Burstow Pony Club in front of the Lingfield Marathon Minibus.

Thank you so much for the loan of your fabulous bus on 12th April 2023. We had a great day and dodged the rain.

I’ve tried to park it in the view of the CCTV camera but you might want to move it when you can. It has a full tank of fuel and would have had a jet wash had I known sooner I could have planned it in! Next time maybe.

I also know of a number of children looking for Duke of Edinburgh voluntary work and could probably arrange to get it washed for you.

We do have a Facebook page and I will get a post done when I dry out! (You can see it here)

We are now planning our next trip for some more fun if you will loan it again. 🙂

Many thanks

Old Surrey and Burstow Pony Club.

The bus is available for charity work in the Lingfield area and for hire.

All enquiries to scottkmcdonald64@gmail.com or, contact Scott McDonald on 07710 269369.
We look forward to hearing from you.