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Next Fun Run is on Sunday 4th May

23rd Annual Quiz Night

The 23rd Lingfield Marathon Minibus Quiz was held on Friday 14th March 2014 in the Victoria Sports & Social Club to raise funds towards running costs of the minibus. The winners were Quizteam Aguilera led by David Pearl who took the trophy having been placed 3rd last year at their first attempt. In second place came General Ponder’s Think Tank led by Sue Fox who won the trophy for the previous 4 years. In 3rd place came The Missing Link led by Rosemary Bridger who always seem to get in the first three places, maybe they will take the trophy next year. In 4th place came Redhill Raiders led by Stuart Holland who have won the event 7 times but need to revise a bit more if they are to regain their former glory. The evening was enjoyed by all and thanks go to the quizmasters Brian Wilkins & Michael Hales as well as Kevin Staples for providing the PA and music round questions. The sum of £565 was raised to support the Minibus.

New this year

This year, by popular demand, the Walkers' results will again be recorded and displayed here on the website. But please Walkers, DO NOT RUN! Not even the last 5 paces or you will be recatagorised as a runner and your position shown in the runners results. You have been warned! And parents, it's up to you to make sure your kids know the rules. We will be filming and it's very obvious in a photograph if someone is running not walking.

Things are moving fast at the moment so don't forget to check back here soon to keep up with any new developments.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Get training!

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