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Next Fun Run is on Sunday 4th May

New this year

At last we've got an online registration and payment system organised! However I've just discovered that it doesn't work with iPhones. Sorry about that but we'll do our best to change that for next year, in the meantime please register using a computer.

This year, by popular demand, the Walkers' results will again be recorded and displayed here on the website. But please Walkers, DO NOT RUN! Not even the last 5 paces or you will be recatagorised as a runner and your position shown in the runners results. You have been warned! And parents, it's up to you to make sure your kids know the rules. We will be filming and it's very obvious in a photograph if someone is running not walking.

Things are moving fast at the moment so don't forget to check back here soon to keep up with any new developments.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Get training!

The Webmaster